Web Development with Ruby on Rails


Ruby on Rails is a web development framework for the Ruby programming language which allows you to build a fully functional website in a matter of minutes (seriously). In this hands-on workshop, we'll build and deploy our very own website from scratch. Core topics that will be covered include: - What the web is, how browsers work, and how web servers work. - What the Model/View/Controller design pattern is and what Ruby on Rails is. - Using the Ruby on Rails command line tools to generate your web application. - The core features of Ruby of Rails, including migrations, validations, filters, hooks, layouts, helpers, and view generators. Further topics we will touch on briefly include: - What ruby gems are and which ones are the coolest. - Useful tools commonly used by Rails and other web developers, including HAML, YAML, SASS, EC2, S3, and Asana. - Options available to you to deploy your code to the web, including EC2, RackSpace, and Heroku. - Specifically how to deploy your application to the web in a matter of minutes and for free using Heroku. No prior web development experience is necessary, but you should be pretty familiar with basic object oriented programming. Bring your laptop (mac or linux) to follow along as we build and deploy our own website! Before attending, you can save time by installing Ruby, RubyGems, and Rails (instructions at: http://rubyonrails.org/download).