Extreme Rock from Japan – Taking it to 11 no matter what

Ian Condry Explains Japanes Hip Hop
Listening to Joe Paradiso talk about Japanese Extreme Rock Ethan Zuckerman and Charlie Nesson, in Joe Paradiso and Ian Condry's session on Japanese Rock


A proper dose of extreme Japanese avant-rock can change the way you look at music forever. Joe Paradiso and Ian Condry. Japanese rock often begins with western inspiration, but from there they just get it delightfully "wrong" by blending idioms that don't belong together and pushing the intensity way past the point where western rock musicians would call it a day. Joe Paradiso will visit some of his favorite extreme Japanese "rock" (for lack of a better word), and portray some of the underpinnings and subgenres that tie this meta-scene together. Ian Condry (CMS) will introduce genres like Japanese Rap, the Miku phenomenon, and other extreme manifestations of J-Pop." Joe will touch on (very quickly) the prog and avant/prog/psych scene as best I could in little time (e.g., early symphonic bands like Outer Limits, Shingetsu, Teru's Symphonia, Mr. Sirius, etc., then Kenso, Bi Kyo Ran, etc.), then some of the edgy punk-zappaish-jazz (e.g., Ruins, Koenjihyakkei, Yoshida Tatsuya projects, Tipographica, Wha Ha Ha, Head Pop Up, Ain Soph, Machine and the Synergetic Nuts, Bondage Fruit) some neo prog/electronica (Wappa Gappa, Interpose+, The Boredoms, Rovo), noisy psych (Marble Sheep, High Rise, Green Milk from the Planet Orange, Ghost, Acid Mothers, etc.), the Girl Bands (Ars Nova, Angel'n Heavy Syrup, Nisennenmondai, etc.).