Ideas at the Festival of Learning

"It's like an IAP within IAP. I like it!"

-- Joost Bonsen

The Festival of Learning Ideas Board is live, hurrah!

Festival of Learning Ideas Board

The Festival of Learning is a two-day event on 27-28 January to learn, teach, and collaborate! It's open to anyone from E14 and E15, students, staff, faculty, and significant +1s!

Proposing ideas!

  • Think of something you want to learn, teach, or do
  • Put it on the ideas board (or email us, we can do it!)
  • Vote on your interests
  • When you think it has enough support, we'll put it into the festival!

Between now and early Jan, we're collecting ideas. After a registration process, we will share a rough structure and a map for the larger activities, with plenty of space for serendipity.

Good ideas can be any size, something you want to learn, teach or do. Formats are also flexible, from 10 minutes to a half day, from two people to fifty.

We are currently investigating the possibility of subsidising material costs and will make an announcement if we secure the funds.

The Ideas Board

We launched the Ideas board at ACT tea on 9 Dec, where it attracted lots of wonderful ideas:

Ideas board at ACT tea Ricarose Updates the Ideas Board

Just a few of the ideas currently on the board include:

  • Learning Ruby on Rails
  • How to make a cupcake in 5 minutes w/ a microwave
  • World of Warcraft
  • Technology and storytelling
  • Research Methods roundtable
  • Hack the Glass Infrastructure
  • Stuff & Clothing Swap
  • Extreme Rock
  • Converting C Libraries to Javascript
  • Healthy Winter Office Makeover (plants, lighting etc)
  • Cardboard Forts & Costumes

When you add your idea, try to think creatively about the format:

  • Group workshops
  • Small tutorials or collaborations
  • Make stations
  • Round tables
  • Activities Large and Small

Let us know if you need help shaping your idea or finding people to participate. We can help!

Using the Board

The board, which has documentation written on it, is literally self-explanatory. However, we have made A Scratch Program which demonstrates how to use the ideas board:

  • Write your idea, your name, and the session format onto a card. Remember to indicate if it's a request for someone else to teach
  • Big cards are for big sessions. Small cards are for more personal ones
  • Vote for the ideas you like by putting a lego on the card
  • If you think your session has enough votes, we put it in the festival!

If you're not in the lab, email us at, and we'll add your idea to the board!

How you can help

  • Sign up to our mailing list
  • Encourage your colleagues to participate
  • Share your idea on the board
  • Join the coordinating team. Email us, and we will include you!
  • Help us find sponsors to pay for material costs

Several people have expressed interested in an "idea dating" event in early January, as a way for people to find others who want to learn or teach the things you want to know. Please contact us if you want to help in this or any other way!